Yokomo ZERO 2 Sensored Brushless Motor (10.5T) YM-BL105B

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The Yokomo ZERO 2 Sensored Brushless Motor line is perfect for 2S LiPo racing, bashing, drifting, on-road and off-road applications. It features a closed black aluminum can that will complement the look of your machine, while also preventing foreign debris and dust from entering. In addition to the on-road circuit, this motor is best suited in harsh conditions such as off-road courses and parking lots where debris is high.


  • Sensored & Brushless
  • Closed Aluminum Can Design
  • Available in a variety of turns
  • Great for on-road, off-road, racing or bashing
  • Pre-soldered leads with connectors
  • Includes one sensor wire

Battery Limit: 
2S LiPo or 6-Cell NiMH
RPM/kV: 4500
Weight: 170g
Shaft Diameter: 3.17