Traxxas Parts Lists & Exploded Views

4TEC3.0 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Bandit 1/10 2WD XL-5

Bandit 1/10 Brushless VXL

Bandit® XL-5 1/10 Scale, 2WD, RTR RC Buggy

Bigfoot 1/10 2WD

Bigfoot No. 1 Original MT RTR 1/10 2WD w/LED Lights

Desert Prerunner 1/18 4WD LaTrax 4WD 

Drag Slash 2WD RTR 1967 Chevrolet C10

Drag Slash Mustang RTR

E-Revo 1/16 4WD

E-Revo 1/16 4WD VXL Brushless

E-Revo VXL Brushless

F150 Ranger XLT RTR

Factory Five 1933 Hot Rod Coupe

Factory Five 1935 Hot Rod Truck 1/10 

Ford Fiesta ST Rally 1/10 Scale

Ford Bronco 1/10  4WD XLT

Ford GT AWD 1/10 

Ford Mustang GT 1/10  AWD

Ford Raptor 1/10 4WD RTR

Ford Raptor R: 1/10 4X4 VXL

Hoss 1/10  4X4 VXL

Jato 1/10 3.3 2WD

K/5 Blazer

LaTrax 1/18 Rally 4WD

LaTrax 1/18 Teton 4WD

LaTrax Ford Fiesta ST Rally

Maxx 1/10 4S ESC 4WD RTR Brushless

Maxx with Widemaxx

Mercedes G 500 4X4

Monster Truck 1/6 XRT 8S RTR

Pro Slash  1/16 4x4


Revo 1/10 Nitro 3.3 4WD

Rustler 1/10 2WD XL-5

Rustler 1/10 2WD XL-5 Waterproof

Rustler 1/10 4X4

Rustler 1/10 4x4 VXL Brushless

Rustler 1/10 4x4 BL-2S 4WD ST

Rustler 1/10 Nitro 2WD

Rustler 4X4 Brushed w/LED Lights

Rustler VXL Brushless SCT

Slash 1/10 2WD

Slash 1/10 2WD Nitro

Slash 1/10 4WD VXL

Slash 1/10 4x4

Slash 1/10 4X4 VXL-3s Brushless SCT

Slash 1/10 4x4 BL-2S Brushless 4WD SCT

Slash 1/10 SCT

Slash 1/10 SCT 2WD

Slash 1/10 SCT 2WD Kit

Slash 1/10 VXL 2WD

Slash 2WD with LED Lights

Slash 4x4 Ultimate Brushless Pro 4WD SCT

Slash VXL 2WD Short-Course Truck With Magnum 272 Trans

Slayer 1/10 Pro 4X4 Nitro SCT

Slayer Pro 4X4

Sledge 1/8 Scale 4WD Brushless Electric MT/ TQi 2.4GHz Radio, VXL

Stampede 1/10 2WD

Stampede 1/10 2WD VXL

Stampede 1/10 4x4

Stampede 1/10 4x4 Kit

Stampede 1/10 4x4 VXL Brushless

Stampede 1/10 MT RTR

Summit 1/10 4WD

Summit 1/16 4WD

T-MAXX 1/10 4WD

T-Maxx 3.3 Nitro 4WD Maxx

Toyota Supra GT4

Traxxas Differential and Shock Oil Chart

Traxxas Legacy

TRX-4 1/10 Sport Kit

TRX-4 1979 4WD Chevy Blazer  1/10  

TRX-4 Crawler 1/10 Scale 

TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler

TRX-4 Sport 4WD Electric Truck RTR

TRX-4 Sport High Trail Edition

TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 High Trail Edition

TRX-4® Chassis Kit

TRX-4M Land Rover Defender & Ford Bronco Trail Crawler

TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 High Trail Edition

TRX-6 1/10  Crawler 6X6

TRX-6 1/10 6x6 Ultimate RC Hauler Flatbed Tow Truck w/TQi 2.4GHz Radio

Unlimited Desert Racer Pro Scale 4WD Racing Truck RTR

X-01 1/7 AWD Supercar RTR® w/TQi™ 2.4GHz Radio System


XRT 1/6 8S XRT 8S RTR Monster Truck