Kyosho Mini-Z RWD Honda NSX Valencia Red Pearl Ready Set 32322R-B

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32322R Exploded View & Parts List


New series includes the new Syncro KT-531P transmitter with multiple setting options.
New circuit board with newly developed control program dramatically improves steering feel.
Highly detailed display-standard body is fully factory finished.
Full ball bearing specifications include 7 bearings, previously an optional upgrade.
Compatible with all MINI-Z Racer body styles. **Motor case and diff gear assembly to suit body are required to be purchased separately.
Front suspension incorporates VCS that optimizes camber angle with suspension stroke.
Compatible with optional gyro unit (MZW431). Volume of gyro effect can be adjusted on the chassis.
Compatible with optional LED light unit clear & red (MZW429R).

Factory assembled chassis
Pre-painted plastic body, complete with markings
Perfex KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter
Front tread adjustment parts set
Pinion gears 6T,7T,8T,9T and tool
Spare wheel nuts and wrench
Mini pylons

Four AAA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries for the chassis, and four AAA alkaline batteries for the transmitter

Length: 168.0mm
Width: 75.0mm
Height: 46.0mm
Wheelbase: 98mm (MM)
Chassis: RWD (MR-03)
Front Wheel Offset: Narrow +1.5mm (for RWD)
Rear Wheel Offset: Wide 1.5mm (for RWD)
R/C System: Syncro KT-531P