Hyperion Android 5.8GHZ VRX UVC Video Downlink Receiver - 100ms Low Latency

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  • 5.8Ghz receiver, supports all transmitters
  • Access to 150 channels with 2m accuracy
  • Low 100ms Latency for excellent reception
  • Light weight and economical solution
  • Compatible with all mobile handsets
  • All Functions controlled via APP
  • Support for AV output, need soldering
  • Plug N Play

Included with the package:

  • Android 5.8gHz VRX UVC Video Downlink Receiver x 1
  • Duck Antenna x 1
  • OTG Cable x 1


  • Frequency: 5.8Ghz
  • Frequency range: 5645MHz~5945MHz
  • Channels: 150
  • Latency: 100ms
  • Ideal Environment: Open
  • Resolution: 640x480 @30fps
  • Operating Voltage: USB 5V 190mA
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10~65 ?
  • Weight: 21.5g (VRx + Antenna)
  • Packing weight: 61g

Looking for a Low cost FPV solution, well here it is. Hyperion brings to you a unique and innovative receiver that simplifies your thirst for FPV. The best part of this receiver is that its light weight and no messy hookups needed, simply clip on to your VR Gear and connect to your Mobile phone via the included OTG cable and voila your FPV system is ready. Get ready to be in the Pilots seat and experience the world of FPV. With a low 100ms latency providing instant reception, supporting all 5.8Ghz transmitters on the market and compatible with almost all mobile handsets. This is a must have unit and HD mobiles users will have an added immersive FPV experience.

Unlike other brands which require extra battery, this system draws power from your phone, no extra lipo required making this the Ultimate in FPV system. So what are you waiting for get one today and get rid of your old and heavy screens and lipos. Enjoy live streaming video on your HD mobile screen. Download and Enjoy a host of features with the APP, access to 150 channels, automatic sweep frequency, frequency analyzer with graphical interface, snow display and more all in a compact and slim, beautiful package. Completely plug and play.