Hot Racing Clip-On Two-Piece Motor Heat Sink W/ Fan (Tamiya Blue) MH550TE16

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Hot Racing universal clip on motor heat sink and fan for use on 540 and 550 size motors. Versatile two-piece heat sink clip provides 8 different width adjustments.
- Keeps the motor running cooler
- Aluminum construction
- Clip on heat sink attaches to 540 and 550 size motors with a 36mm can diameter
- Two-piece heat sink clip provides 8 different width adjustment options (20-40mm). M3 screws and nuts will be required for some configurations.
- Tamiya blue anodized
- Laser etched Hot Racing insignia
- One (1) heat sink with cooling fan
- Installation
- Some units may require assembly (1.5mm and 2mm hex wrench required)
- Electrical hook up with 7.2-8.4V MAX DC power source
- Plug requires soldering or connection to a receiver port plug
- Overall height: 39mm (1.54 inch)
- Fan size: 30x30x7.5mm
- Fan mounting hole pattern: 24mm square
- Input voltage: DC 7.2-8.4V MAX