Hot Racing Hex Hub Adapters 12mm to 17mm W/ 10mm Offset

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Hot Racing's aluminum 12mm to 17mm hex wheel hub adapters. These adapters are compatible with many 1/10th scale vehicles with factory 12mm hex hubs and allow the use of 17mm hex wheels, all while adding a 10mm width extension per side of the vehicle for a wider, more stable, stance.

- CNC machined solid billet aluminum construction
- 12mm hex to 17mm hex conversion
- 10mm offset extension per side
- 17mm wheel nuts
- Adapters are anodized silver in color, wheel nuts are anodized black
- Wheel nuts feature an internal o-ring to maintain the nut position, even under the most severe conditions
- Four (4) wheel adapters
- Four (4) wheel nuts
- Four (4) M4 axle hub nuts
- Recommended to use a removable-type locking adhesive on axle nuts
- These adapters fix a wide array of vehicles. Make sure the vehicle uses a hex at least 5mm thick, or the adapter may bind against the hub.
- Total length: 24mm
- Max axle diameter: 5mm
- Axle thread: M4
- Hex depth: 5mm
- See Hot Racing RSSLF117X for replacement/spare M4 axle hub barrel nuts

- O-rings are 11x1mm