Great Planes Spinner 2" Aluminum GPMQ4552

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This is a Two-Blade Aluminum Spinner w/Aluminum Backplate from Great Planes. 

  • Machined For Accuracy, Then Polished To A Gleaming Finish.
  • Easy To Install, Having A Bolt-On Design, Centers Each Spinner
  • Perfectly On Its Baseplate.
  • Spinner Cone Is Recessed To Mate Into the Spinner Backplate. The Rear
  • Of The Spinner Is Flat, Without An Overhanging Cone.
  • Includes Black 10-32 Bolt That Holds Spinner Cone to Backplate.
  • Adapter Kits For Different Engine Sizes Are Available Separately.
  • (See COMMENTS) 
  • One Aluminum Spinner Cone
  • One Aluminum Backplate (See Specs For Sizes)
  • One 10-32 x 1" Mounting Bolt
  • One Box with Installation Instructions and Safety Tips 
  • One Spinner Adapter Kit (See COMMENTS) 

Spinner Backplate Diameter: 2" (51mm)
Spinner Backplate Mounting Ring Thickness: 3/16" (4mm)
Spinner Backplate Hole Diameter: 3/8" (9.5mm)
(The Adapter Kit Will Contain An Aluminum Bushing To Fit The
Crankshaft Size.)
Length From Back Of Backplate To Front Of Cone: 2" (51mm)
Height Of Propeller Slot: 3/4" (19mm)
Length Of Propeller Slot: 13/16" (21mm) 


Warning: Failure To Follow The Instructions Printed On The Box May
Cause The Propeller To Separate From The Model.
If The Spinner Cone Touches The Propeller At Any Point, Use A File
Or MotoTool To Relieve This Area.
Spinner Adapter Kit To Use Will Be Determined By Engine Crankshaft
Size. Use One Of The Following:
GPMQ4581 - OS Max 20-40 FP, 25-45 FX & SF (1/4")
GPMQ4584 - OS Max 60 FP, 61 FX & SF, SuperTigre 61 (5/16")
GPMQ4585 - OS Max FS 26-52 Surpass (1/4")
GPMQ4588 - OS Max FS 70-120 Surpass, 140 RX (5/16")
GPMQ4589 - OS Max 1.08 FSR (3/8")
GPMQ4590 - SuperTigre S 2500-4500 (10mm)