FrSky 4-16CH SBUS ACCST Telemetry Receiver W/Smart Port and CPPM Output

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Due to popular demand, FrSky has released the 2015 version X4R-SB with CPPM output. This upgrade turns output 1 into 8-channel CPPM, with the rest of the outputs becoming additional PWM channels. On the X4R-SB CPPM and SBUS are both available without the need of reflashing or jumpering any signal pins.

There are two binding options:

  • Binding without the jumper retains the original X4R-SB behaviour, PWM on channels 1-3 and SBUS on output 4
  • Binding with jumper on signal pins 2 & 3, turns output 1 into CPPM channels 1-8, outputs 2 & 3 become PWM channels 9 & 10, and output 4 is still SBUS.

NOTE: To use this with Taranis radios that had EU compliant firmware installed, you need to flash the X4R-SB CPPM with the EU version firmware also. Firmware can be download on FrSky website