DJI Air 2S,Mavic Air 2 Wall & Car Charger Compatible with DJI Air 2S,Mavic Air Battery, 5 in 1 Rapid Multi Parallel Charging Hub Drone Accessories

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About this item

  • Specially designed for 13.2v and 12.6v DJI Air 2S & Mavic Air 2 battery. Two types of batteries can be charged at the same time, The charger automatically matches the voltage
  • [Multifunctional] The 5-in-1 multiple battery charger comes with home(wall) power adapter and car charger adapter, you can charge your batteries at home or in your car
  • [Fast Charging] Support 1-4pcs batteries and 1 remote controller parallel charging. it take about 100 minutes full charging 1-4 batteries by home power adapter.
  • [Battery Safety Storage] When the battery is ready to stored for a long time, it is necessary to keep the power at about 50%-80%. Full power and low power storage will cause battery damage. In storage mode, the charger will discharge batteries above 50-80%, reduce the charge to 50-80%, Meanwhile charge batteries below 50-80% to 50-80%
  • Input: AC 110-240V or DC 11-14V,12A (Max), Output: 13.2V/12.6V 8A(Max)(2A Max on each branch) ,Output total power: 104W,USB output:5V 2A; Built-in Intelligent safety charging protection chips
  • With digital display, it shows the battery charging status, charging current and battery voltage