Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer USED 90 DAY WARRANTY (Parts Only)

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Artillery Sidewinder X1 V4. Previously used. 90 day warranty (parts only).


Ultra-quiet with a Lattice Glass Heated Bed, Reset Button Filament Run-out Sensor & Power Failure Recovery.

Build Volume 300x300x400mm

Exclusive Ultra-Quiet Stepper Driver - Dissipates much less heat by maintaining a higher torque compared to other quiet stepper drivers available.

Synchronized Dual Z System - This ensures both sides of the gantry move up and downs at the same height and at the same speed.  ensure the X carriage always move parallel to the build plate, even when one of the Z-stepper breaks down.

Direct Drive Extruder - This type of Extruder makes your printer more reliable, especially for flexible filaments.

AC Heating Platform - Super fast heating.  New Lattice glass build platform, provides an extremely flat surface and superb adhesion.  Once cooled it is a breeze to release the printed objects.

Power Failure Protection - Continue printing from the position where the last print was stopped during the power failure, and you can stop the continuous operation or power off.

Looking for filament:  PLA Filament      PETG Filament      Silk Filament

TPU Filament     ABS Filament