Hot Racing 50t Mod 1 Steel Spur Gear E Revo 2 X-Maxx XO-1 ERVT50M01

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Hot Racing 50 tooth hardened steel Mod 1 (1.0 metric pitch) spur gear for the Traxxas E Revo2, X-Maxx 6S and 8S, Maxx 4S and XO-1.
  • - CNC machined hardened steel construction
  • - Black oxide finished
  • - Laser etched tooth count marking
  • - One (1) 50T, 1 mod steel spur gear
  • - Do NOT use the pin system for setting the X-Maxx gear mesh. Instead, manually set the gear mesh without the pins. Refer to the Traxxas manual for instructions (ref. pg.22 - Adjusting Gear Mesh)
  • - With the pins removed, use the four 4x16mm button-head cap screws on the bottom to set gear mesh. Loosen the four 4x16mm button-head cap screws. Cut a narrow strip of notebook paper and run it into the gear mesh. Slide the motor and pinion gear into the spur gear. Tighten the four 4x16mm button-head cap screws, and then remove the strip of paper. You should be able to run a fresh strip of paper through the gears without binding them.
  • - Overall diameter: 52.8mm
  • - Gear face width: 8mm
  • - Upgrade for factory plastic 6448 or 6448X 54T spur gear