ZTW Spider 18A Oneshot 125 Multirotor Compact ESC

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• Developed specifically for multi-rotor use
• Pre-flashed from the factory with SimonK firmware
• Uses powerful, high performance MCU
• Super-smooth and accurate throttle response
• Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation
• Safety thermal over-load protection
• Safe start, motor will not run until ESC is armed correctly
• Low internal resistance
• Programmable via throttle stick (see instructions under "Files" tab)

Constant Current: 18A
Max Burst Current: 30A
Input Voltage: 2~4S LiPoly
Dimensions: 43 x 22 x 12mm
Weight: 5.3g

Please note: No battery or motor connectors are supplied.

The ZTW Spider series of ESCs are a great choice for any size of multi-rotor.

Designed from the ground up for simple installation and easy setup and pre-flashed with SimonK OneShot 125 firmware to give a fast, super-smooth, linear throttle response which is ideal for multi-rotors.

Alongside the superb build quality, ZTW Spider ESCs feature thermal overload protection and auto throttle shut down in case of signal loss.