YIHUA 947-III 60W Adjustable Temperature Solder Iron US Cord

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High-Quality Professional tools from YiHua.

Looking for a compact soldering station with temperature control, the YiHua 947-III 60W Adjustable Temperature Solder Iron is your complete solution. With 60W power and temperature control from 200°C - 450°C, this compact designed Soldering Iron is ideal for multipurpose soldering use. Now you can perform soldering operations on temperature sensitive components without fear. Simply adjust the control knob and you are ready. Interchangeable tips allow you to work with different components big or small. And yes this iron can be used on Anti-Static components too. All these features in a compact unit make the soldering iron excellent for electronic and electric use. Ideal for hobbies, kits, repairs, and electronics work.

Exquisite patented design, using new environment friendly high transparent material with central handle featuring a high-temperature insulation ring to prevent heat transfer to the handle directly. Use of latest temperature control circuit for stable temperature output at any given range setting and energy efficient too. Long life lead free solder tip for lead-free soldering processes. Anti-static design with additional alligator clip ground wire to meet requirement of anti-static devices. Easy replaceable tips for convenient long term use. Handle features a power switch for easy ON/OFF on demand and safety. Available in different cord plugs as per country standards, choose according to your plug requirement.