Xtra Speed 1/10 RC Aluminum Stealth Body Mount (Black)

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The Xtra Speed 1/10 RC Aluminum Stealth Body Mount is made of high quality aluminum and comes with strong magnets and stickers allowing you to mount your body without adding unwanted holes to your scale masterpiece! Just attach one end of the mount to the chassis and the other end to the body. Package includes two mount assemblies with various standoffs and mounting posts, as well as hardware and spacers that will allow it to fit a variety of applications. The minimum width for the end to end measurement is 70mm (narrow adapter) and 75mm (wide adapter). Please measure your car's shock tower and/or mounting point widths to make sure this product will fit your car.

NOTE: This product is great for display purposes and slow moving vehicles. It is not recommended for R/C car racing and other high speed applications as the mounts may not hold securely in a hard impact.