Tenergy TN141 2-Bay 9V Charger

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  • STANDARD 9V BATTERIES - Ideal rechargeable replacement for the square 9V battery. A great 9V smoke alarm battery or for microphones, medical equipment, electronic toys, walkie-talkies, and other devices that use a 9V battery.
  • MONEY SAVING & ECO FRIENDLY - Tenergy 9V cell rechargeable batteries are one of the most cost-effective batteries available. These batteries eventually pay for themselves after 5 cycles and can be reused up to 500 cycles. Reusing batteries reduces carbon footprint and the waste caused by one-time use of 9V batteries. Switch over. Save. Reuse. Recharge with Tenergy.
  • PREMIUM CHARGER - Tenergy TN141 NiMH 9V smart charger is a high-performance charger for rechargeable 9V batteries. The compact and foldable wall-outlet design is discreet and not obtrusive like most of the household 9V battery chargers on the market.
  • ADVANCED SAFETY PROTECTIONS - Tenergy's smart 9V charger has built-in 5 hr safety timer, micro-controller, and short circuit protection to make sure your 9V NiMH batteries are safely and fully charged.
  • EASY TO USE ANYWHERE - The charger has two independent charging channels with independent LED lights to show when each 9 volt NiMH rechargeable battery is charging or complete. Worldwide voltage 100V ~ 240V AC 2-slot charger allows you to use these four 9V NiMH batteries anywhere. Buy with confidence, the charger includes a 12-month warranty.