Team Associated 8.5mm Factory Team Aluminum Clamping Wheel Hex (2) ASC71014

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Product Compatibility:

  • DR10
  • ProSC10
  • RC10B6
  • RC10B6 Club Racer
  • RC10B6.1
  • RC10B6.1D
  • RC10B6.1DL
  • RC10B6D
  • RC10B74
  • RC10B74.1
  • RC10B74.1D
  • RC10SC5M
  • RC10SC6.1
  • RC10SC6.2
  • RC10T5M
  • RC10T6.1
  • RC10T6.2
  • Reflex DB10
  • Trophy Rat

This is a pack of two optional Team Associated 8.5mm Aluminum Clamping Wheel Hexes. These hexes also includes two axle pins and hex screws.

Team Associated DR10Team Associated Pro SC10Team Associated RC10 B6Team Associated RC10 B6.1Team Associated RC10 B6.1 Factory LiteTeam Associated RC10 B6.1DTeam Associated RC10 B6DTeam Associated RC10 B74Team Associated RC10 SC5MTeam Associated RC10 SC6.1Team Associated RC10 T5MTeam Associated Reflex DB10Team Associated Trophy Rat