Team Associated 7.0mm Factory Team Aluminum Clamping Wheel Hex (2) ASC91610

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Product Compatibility:

  • DR10
  • ProSC10
  • RC10B5M
  • RC10B6
  • RC10B6 Club Racer
  • RC10B6.1
  • RC10B6.1D
  • RC10B6.1DL
  • RC10B6.2
  • RC10B6.2D
  • RC10B6.3
  • RC10B6.3D
  • RC10B6D
  • RC10B74
  • RC10B74.1
  • RC10B74.1D
  • RC10SC5M
  • RC10SC6.1
  • RC10SC6.2
  • RC10T5M
  • RC10T6.1
  • RC10T6.2
  • Reflex DB10
  • Trophy Rat

This part fits the following other parts:

  • #90002C - B5M to B5MCE Conversion Kit

This is a replacement Team Associated 7mm Clamping Wheel Hex Set, intended for use with the RC10 B5M Factory Lite kit. These hexes can be used optionally with the T5M to produce the stock offset. Additionally, these hexes can also be used with the B5 and B5M but will produce a larger offset. Package includes two 7.0mm clamping hexes, two cross pins and two cap head screws.

Note: Requires the use of the optional Team Associated HD Rear CVA Axle (ASC71019).