Southwest Systems EZ Balancer II

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Southwest Systems All New All Aluminum EZ Balancer II is even easier to assemble. Plus, the new EZ Balancer II is more versatile. Being 18" between the cradles, it can handle wider fuselages like those unusally wide Gee Bee's or Military Warbirds without modification. Along with that, we have provided additional adjustability to handle very narrow "Profile" fuselages. The new EZ Balancer II is 3" taller to handle most Larger Scale Model Aircraft. But if you have an unusually tall landing gear, we now offer the "Super Size" kit to accomodate them. With the new design of the EZ Balancer II, we now handle most high wing and biplane models in the upright position.

Limiters on the cradles provide true "Hands Free" balancing!

All hardware is included.

Custom Fit Rubber Guards on the cradles protect your Model.

EZ Balancer II stores flat when not in use. You can hang it on the wall or store it under a cabinet.

Handles Model Aircraft from 8 lbs. on up to all legal IMAA and AMA weight limits.

Designed for 1/4 scale and larger Model Aircraft.