E-flite Six-Series Brushless 2700Kv Motor (28mm)

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Six-Series Brushless 6-pole motors are high-torque motors suitable for either direct drive or geared applications. They feature the same diameter and mounting hole pattern as brushed 400 and 480 motors so they make excellent upgrades for these classes of models. Six-Series motors are ideal for direct-drive applications such as hotliners and other LMR products weighing 18- to 28-ounces. They are also ideal for 3D and aerobatic models weighing 28- to 35-ounces, and for scale park flyers weighing 25- to 40-ounces, when using a gearbox. This is a perfect match for aerobatic and 3D models like the E-flite Brio 10 (EFL2275) when using a gearbox, and pylon racers and hotliners when using direct drive.