Power ParaBoard 6 Pack Deans PB6-XH-T

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Power ParaBoard is designed and developed by Power ParaBoard, This device is to be used with a balance charger to
simultaneously charge multiple lithium batteries in parallel. By this method you can significantly save time on battery charge process.

Parallel charge can save your time significantly. If you charge four batteries at the same time, the charge current is four times of that you used for a single pack, and you need only approximately 1/4 of the charge time to charge every battery separately. Similarly, if you charge six batteries at the same time, the charge current is six times and time is only 1/6.

Each board has six set balance ports, from 2S-6S (except for the HP type that does not have 5S ports), and six T-plugs. Since these ports and connectors are arranged in parallel, a T-plug and a balance port can be randomly matched for battery charge. These ParaBoards can be used for charging up to six batteries at the same time.

ParaBoard is made of selected high quality components. The PCB is made of two ounce copper and the main power circuit is heavily tinned to allow the use of high current. ParaBoard products have been fully tested under 25 A continuous current, and is safe to be load at 35A for a short time (10 – 30 minutes).