Speedix-RC IS30 2-4S Speed Controller

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Spedix IS30 30Amp ESC BLHeli_S DSHOT Mainstream ESCs used in FPV racing quads are equipped with MOSFET of 3.3x3.3mm. MOSFETs of these dimensions are typically lower in efficiency and reliability. With the same overall dimensions, Spedix has carefully designed IS series of high performance ESCs that are furnished with 6 standard sized MOS-FETs in a larger size of 5x6mm, to meet the increasing demands in electric current of new motors used in FPV racing. The standard sized MOSFETs are manufactured of more matured technologies, larger heat dissipating areas, and lower resistance. Spedix ESCs made of these parts are improved in heat dissipation and therefore are more reliable than ESCs with smaller MOSFETs. Furthermore, other factors such as better design, fast EFM8BB21 MCU, independent half bridge drive chip, and 3 Oz copper PCB with high TG, all make IS ESCs one of the best in the market.

Features: 1. Equipped with standard-sized MOSFET DFN5X6 (5x6mm), better heat dissipation, lower resistance, and higher reliability.
2. Small dimensions of 23x14x5mm, the same size as other ESCs of 3x3mm MOSFETS.
3. To avoid potential damages caused by mechanical stress, please install the ESCs by facing the aluminum plate to the arms of your quad and using elastic fasten strip.

If nylon zip ties are used please make sure to attach a soft pad between ESCs and the frame of quad.

Specifications: Size:  23mm x 14mm x 5mm Weight:  7.5 grams 30Amp/40Amp Burst 2-4S EFM8BB21 MCU 3 oz copper PCB 5x6mm MOSFETs Latest BLHeli_S firmware Supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, DSHOT600