Hyperion Pagoda 2-Style 5.8GHz Antenna (SMA) (HP-FPANTPAGII-SMA)

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The Hyperion Pagoda 2 style antenna is an omnidirectional circularly polarized antenna design with a slightly higher resonant frequency. Conventional pcb design simplifies construction with lower manufacturing cost, making for a low cost antenna that performs well. The simple stack design exhibits excellent omnidirectional radiation pattern along with a good axial ratio, giving you solid all around coverage. This is the simplest form of antenna and comes without a protective casing. Fine tuned for 5.8ghz FPV racing and other applications. At 8.1g this is the lightest antenna and available with both SMA or RP-SMA connector. Works excellent for both transmitter or receivers on 5.8ghz directly.

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion Pagoda 2-Style 5.8GHz Antenna (SMA) x 1
  • Specifications:Gain: ~3dbi
  • Frequency 5.8GHz
  • Frequency Range: 5.5-6.0 GHz
  • Axial ratio: <1.2VSWR: <1.2 (at center frequency)
  • Radiation efficiency: 95%
  • Connector: SMADimension: 92 x 22.5mm

Weight: 8.1g

Note: The SMA connector has a center pin surrounded by a 1/4" hex barrel with inside threads. Please check your Tx and Rx connector before placing order.