Hyperion 6 Port Parallel Charge Adapter For 1S UM LiPoly

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* The adapter should always be connected to the charger BEFORE batteries are inserted, and batteries should be removed from the adapter before the adapter is disconnected from the charger. (i.e. batteries should never be attached/detached unless the adapter is attached to the charger, or short circuit at the gold plugs may occur).

* The adapter can charge 1 cell to 6 cells at the same time.  However, note that this connection is PARALLEL.  As such, all batteries should be at approximately the same state of discharge when connected to the adapter.  We recommend using the Tx flight timer each flight, to help insure that the resting voltages of cells to be charged are similar.

* Due to the parallel arrangement, any small differences in cell voltage will be balanced after the batteries are connected together for a few minutes.  A balancer connection is not required, therefore, as each cell will automatically balance to the other after connection and during charge.