Hot Racing 30t Steel Mod 0.6 Pinion Gear 5mm NSG30M06

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Hot Racing 30T, 0.6 module (~42P) steel pinion gear for 5mm or 1/8in motor shafts
- CNC machined steel with black Nitride finish
- Heavy duty 4mm set screw
- Long design for maximum motor shaft contact
- Laser marked tooth count
- Includes a 5mm-1/8in shaft adapter to accommodate both 5mm and 1/8in motor shafts
- One (1) 30T, 0.6mod pinion gear
- One (1) M4x4mm setscrew
- One (1) 5mm to 1/8in conversion sleeve
- 2mm hex wrench to install the set screw
- Recommended to use a removable thread-locking adhesive (blue thread locking compound) on setscrew
- Teeth: 30
- Pitch: 0.6 module (~42P)
- length: 10.4mm
- Outside diameter: 19.2mm
- Tooth face width: 5mm