Hot Racing 100mm Aluminum Piggyback Shocks Adjustable HRTD100RV02

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Hot Racing 100mm aluminum functional piggyback shocks with adjustable rebound and compression damping feature a dual spring setup where the main and tender springs combine to provide a soft rate off the top and a firmer final rate once the tender spring is fully compressed.

  • - CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum shock bodies, caps, shock ends, spring retainer, and collar
  • - Functional piggyback reservoirs with externally adjustable rebound compression damping
  • - Dual spring shocks with two sets of spring weights included
  • - Threaded shock bodies for easy and accurate ride height and pre-load adjustment
  • - Hard anodized shock bodies
  • - Bleeder shock caps
  • - 3.5mm stainless steel shocks shafts
  • - Two (2) piggyback shocks
  • - Two (2) spring sets (each with two main and two tender springs)
  • - Mounting hardware
  • - One (1) long screw for piggyback piston removal
  • - Silicone shock oil of modeler's choice
  • - Best uses with shock o-ring grease (Hot Racing SPL10G08, or equivalent)
- Length options include, Hot Racing part number: TD70RV02 (70mm), TD80RV02 (80mm), TD90RV02 (90mm), TD100RV02 (100mm), TD110RV02 (110mm), TD120RV02 (120mm)