Shin Musha Dynasty Warrior 1/100 Scale

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From the popular game series Dynasty Warriors Gundam, the Hajime Katoki-designed Musha Gundam is realized as a Master Grade kit! 

  • Utilizing the frame created for the Rx-78-2 Ver. OYW and clever parts separation, along with gimmicks for moving armor sections all add up one impressive Suit! Various weapons included, all of which can be mounted on the Suit for quick storage- the sword at the hip, and the other weapons mounted on the backpack.
  • [Artillery Tanegashima] (rifle), [Tachi sun circle] (sword), comes equipped with a [spear diffuse round],
  • [Halberd lightning round] is attached. To the left hip armor the sword, spear, artillery, (each equipped with halberd armed to
  • It can be equipped with a backpack. )

  • Tanegashima Gun x1,
  • Nichirinmaru Katana x1
  • Denkoumaru Naginata x1
  • Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari x1