Gundam Qan Bandai

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The main machine, 00 QAN[T], decided for release before the release of the movie!

  • The Bit Gimmick completely was reproduced: The tip of Bit Blade has been formed with  clear green. With the bit able to split, the battle scene from the promotion video can be reproduced!
  • Includes the 00 QAN[T] custom GN Sword. The mode change has also been recreated.
  • Clear parts have been used for the eyes, head, ears, and lens parts.
  • The bits can be detached. The binder part is mobile.
  • The swing action mechanism has continually been used, for obtaining a wide range of poseable area.
  • The Bits blade tip has been made with AFX material, with safety in mind.


  • Bit
  • GN Sword