RGM-86R GMIII E.F.S.F. Mass-Produced Mobile Suit 1/144 Scale

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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ III gym than can do it! HGUC Jim III, the latest form of reproduction!

  • Supplied missile capable purge Shoulder: Nomarumisairupoddo ... opening the hatch in the replacement reproduction. Waist: Large high ... can reproduce the form of missile injection to remove the cap.
  • Will be compatible with the armed Pureibaryu UP! Parts compatible with UC III gym an episode of the second
  • Custom machines can be replicated?
  • Also included large variety of hand parts. PS also supports the adoption paint.
  • Jim III is ... Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ], theatrical [Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack] to

Production model of the Earth Federation Army appeared MS. The latest [Gundam UC] also appeared in episode 2.


  • Beam saber
  • Shield
  • Beam rifle
  • Nomarumisairupoddo × 2
  • Large high performance missile × 2
  • Fist (left), Hirate (left), for the rifle grip (right)
  • For saber grip (left)