Gundam Exia

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Enjoy the anime image! 1/100 model that has been pursued is gimmick and fidelity of color coding.

  • Detail representation to highlight the visual, mobile and flexibility!
  • Also devised to look beautiful even gap of mobile sites over a wide area. Proportions which investigated more TV image.
  • High detail model detail is added by the original designer.
  • Adopted a new joint structure in the play poses corresponding [mobile evolution and gimmick UP].
  • Incorporating the drawer mechanism on the shoulder joint, and to expand the range of movement,

It corresponds to the action in various poses for use in the play.

Joint of the arm adopts a double joint, hold the sword, and hold the rifle

Mobile-aware key visual. I adopt the shaft cover parts to reproduce the center of gravity shift of the body to the waist.


  • GN Long blade × 1
  • GN short blade × 1
  • GN beam saber × 2,
  • GN dagger × 2
  • GN shield × 1