Gundam OO Qan[T] Celestial Being Mobile Suit

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Pursuing a structure that has a realistic feel from the beginning of assembly.

Exia, followed the history that has been developed in light of the Double O, while utilizing the Advance de MS joint of the same type, reproduce the aircraft characteristics of Quanta. By renew the joint structure and mechanical gimmick, to achieve a high mobile performance and the amount of information.

RG ever largest action of
Such as the Sword by renewed movable shaft position and the movable angle of the arm joints protrude horizontally, it improved posing performance.

Greatly extended the range of motion of the leg by using a renewed moving method of waist armor allowing you to achieve more dynamic action poses.

- Realistic gimmick that was created from the historical research based on real technology. Renewed the GN drive attaching and detaching mechanism, fully reproduced the mechanical removable gimmick by adopting a mounting gimmick that also serves as fixing of the back pack.

By providing the moving point of up to seven, realizing a flexible arm moving.
GN shield deployment by the arm is to renew the movable shaft, achieve a high range of motion!

- GN capacitor mounted frame
While utilizing the Advanced MS joint of RG Exia the same type, the arm is completely new parts reproduction. The reproducibility capacitor disposed systemically.

Bit recombinant gimmick GN Sword V
Characteristic weapon of double oak Anta - bit recombination gimmick also complete reproduction. Grip is equipped with a slide deployment mechanism and the GN Sword bit can be attached to the shield.


  • GN Sword V
  • GN sword bit
  • GN shield
  • Simple stand
  • Weapon possession (left and right) fist (left and right)
  • The movable hand (left and right) palm (left), pilot figure