FridayFPV Yeti 3" Frame Kit (12mm Motor Bolt Pattern) (Purple)

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The Yeti 3" is the shrunk down little nugget version of the Yeti 5" frame. It still comes with all the cool benefits and features you love in the Yeti 5", just in a really small, 140mm MTM, form-factor.

The Yeti 3" comes in two version, one for 11XX size motors with a 9mm bolt hole pattern and the second is for 14XX size motors with a 12mm bolt pattern. Both version are 3" compatible! Yeti 3" is designed specifically for micro cameras (19mm wide) and micro electronics stacks (20 X 20 mm). The forward camera side plates have been notched to indicate camera angle just like its bigger brother. We draw on similarities between the two brothers all over this frame.

The Yeti 3" boasts a minimalist all-up frame weight of 34 grams, that's including all the hardware and the super comfy premium battery pad. We used the same high grade foam material on this little nugget, as is seen on all our frames. It also takes advantage of the simple inter-locking arm-chassis mechanism as seen on the Yeti 5" frame. If you do break an arm in a ridiculously bad crash, a simple two bolt loosen and replace is all that is needed to swop out an arm. Its a simple 5 minute job.  

You might be thinking, cool, but I want to run a Turtle or a Split, for beautiful on-board HD recording, no problem! You can stack 4 boards in the Yeti 3", just like its bigger brother.

 Where we did change things up a little from the Yeti 5" is frame parts and simplicity. We use even few parts on the Yeti 3" and we made it even simpler!


There are only 9 carbon parts to this entire frame, this still gives you four separate arms and the ability to flip the rear sides up and out the way for quick and easy repairs. Simply take out the two rear bolts and flip the bonnet to get to your entire stack!

Super simple, super easy!