Firebrand RC Kingpin ST Pre-Mounted On-Road Tires (4) (Black) w/17mm Hex

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Firebrand Kingpin ST Pre-Mounted On-Road Tires feature KingPin™ 1:8 Scale Buggy wheels mounted to Enforcer-ST (Street Tread) tires. Created with tough, 1:1 (full-size car) tire rubber, The Enforcer tire features super-tight, "Twisted-E" tread design. These tough street tires also give your vehicle a lowered-stance and way-better handling. Works best on concrete, and other hard surfaces. KingPin-ST wheel and tire set are are made from the highest quality, ABS plastic available, are standard size and will work with most 1: 8 scale, buggies or trucks. Package includes four Pre-glued tires. Wheel Size w/Tire: 1.5” (38mm) x 4” (100mm). 17mm, hex-fit hubs.

BONUS! Wanna install these on your 1:10 scale truck or buggy? No problem, this wheel and tire set includes 17mm to 12mm Hub Converters. Installation: Hub converters must have an extremely tight fit to work correctly and withstand the pressures applied to them. For proper fit, sand the insertion edges of the converter with fine grit sandpaper. Align sanded converter with the center of the wheel's hub. Cover with cloth and gently hammer into place.


  • 1:8 Scale Buggy Wheels, Street Race/Bash
  • Wheel Size w/Tire: 1.5” (38mm) x 4” (100mm)
  • Hard, Rubber Street Treads, PRE-GLUED (set of 4)
  • 17mm Hex-fit hubs
  • Includes 17mm to 12mm Hub Converter