DISCONTINUED DYS Mini F4 Flight Controller Stack 2-4S 5V/2A BEC W/F 18A 4-In-1 ESC

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Betaflight firmware DYS F4 PRO firmware can be used. STM32F405 master with higher refresh rate and more function ports.
Six-layer PCB board and 3OZ cooper to enhance the over-current and heat dissipation.
Six axis senor MPU600 connects by SPI.
Compatible all split-type escs.
Microcontroller controls OSD chip through SPI bus DMS mode and faster speed.
Support BF setting software to flash and debug OSD.
Use remote control to view flight control parameter through OSD.
Support SAMRT AUDIO, IRC TARAMP agreement, adjust the VTX frequency and power etc by flight control (will support DYS new VTX).
Comes with heat resistance damping ball to upgrade the stability and operation. 2. DYS F18A BLHeli_S ESC

Size: 30x30x7.5mm
Weight: 6.2gContinuous current: 18A
Instantaneous current: 22ABEC: 5V/2A
Lipo cell: 2-4S
Main control chip: EMF8BB21F16G
Max. working frequency: 50 MHz

Program: BLHeli_SDEO: support
Supports DSHOT150 / 300 / 600, PWM, Oneshot125 / Oneshot42 / Multishot

Package included:

• 1 x DYS F4 flight controller
• 1 x DYS F18A ESC