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Today, DJI unveiled the newest member of its celebrated Mavic series: the Mavic Mini. As compact as a smartphone, but powerful enough to capture shots so cinematic and smooth they look straight out of a soundstage, the Mavic Mini is both extremely capable and accessible. Here’s the full rundown on DJI’s latest (mini) marvel.

Pilots Abound

The first thing you notice about the Mavic Mini is its size. Weighing less than 250g and with a form factor similar to a smartphone, the Mavic Mini is a foldable, go-anywhere drone pilots can carry with them at all times. Not only does its compact size make it super convenient for capturing the moment, the Mini’s small footprint frees it from certain prohibitive restrictions. You might not know this, but drones that fall into certain weight categories require government registration and, in some cases, a pilot’s license to operate. But, because the Mavic Mini is so small, it doesn’t require either. This means that anyone is allowed to fly the Mavic Mini countries like the U.S. or Canada—no paperwork required!

Mini Size, Max Power

The Mavic Mini might be small in stature, but it punches well above its weight class. For starters, it features a 3-axis gimbal-stabilized camera that shoots smooth 2.7K video and captures 12MP stills. To support this powerful setup, DJI included a bevy of Hollywood-esque shooting modes. The first is its patented QuickShots feature. A signature mode in DJI’s most sophisticated drones, QuickShots allow pilots to capture unique, complex shots through camera-based subject tracking and pre-programmed flight patterns. A new CineSmooth mode is also available, which regulates the Mini’s speed and movements to achieve extra-smooth shots—something you need when flying in tight spaces or when performing complicated maneuvers. These modes and more can easily be accessed through DJI’s new Fly app, which is designed to make capturing and sharing images easy and intuitive.

Powerful camera and shooting modes aside, the Mini also features one of the best battery performances we’ve ever seen in a commercial drone: up to 30 minutes on a fully charged battery. In addition to extra-long flight times, this is a great feature that will allow pilots to pull the Mini out continually whenever the opportunity arises or inspiration strikes, without having to worry about constantly recharging it.

With its convenient, non-restrictive size, powerful performance, and sophisticated software that supports every level of pilot, the Mavic Mini might just be the perfect bridge between the professional and toy drone market.