CNC Machined Aluminum LW Beadlock Rings or Pro-Line Slash/Slayer Epic/Split Six Rims (1 Pair) Royal Blue

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CNC Machined Aluminum LW Beadlock Rings for Proline Slash/Slayer Epic/split six Rims (1 pair) Royal Blue

For Slash and Slayer owners who are running the great Epic rims beadlock rims, we now offer beadlock Rings of different colors to choose from.

Our beadlocks are CNC Machined Aluminum (not stamped) and are extremely light weight compare to the stock Epic Rim beadlock rings (which are made of coated steel):

4 pieces of stock Epic steel beadlocks: 63 grams
4 pieces of STRC Aluminum LW beadlocks: only 25 grams!!!

This results in massive rotating mass reduction at the wheels allowing for faster acceleration and better suspension performance.

Our beadlocks are also approximately 1mm thicker than the stock proline beadlocks providing a even better grab on the tire when installed.