Castle Creations B-Link Bluetooth Adapter

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This is a Castle Creations B-Link Bluetooth Adapter. Castle Link ESC tuning is an essential component for customizing vehicle performance for many Castle Creations’ customers. While the controllers are plug and play, optimizing a Castle ESC through the Castle Link Programming Suite unlocks the full range of capabilities that set Castle apart from the competition. Users enjoy the ability to adjust many variables to enhance their experience including throttle, braking curve, drag brake, reverse type and more. The Castle B-LINK Bluetooth Adapter enables users to wirelessly program settings on current Castle Creations ESCs, many older models and the BEC 2.0/BEC Pro on Apple iOS devices. A complete listing of compatible ESCs and accessories can be found here. The free Castle Link app for iOS is available on the Apple App Store for use with iPhones and iPads, and once downloaded, it does not require a data connection and can be used anywhere, including remote areas. For Android users, a version of the app will be released at a future date, and the B-LINK adapter will be compatible.


  • Wireless Bluetooth communication allows you to interface with most Castle Link compatible ESCs and accessories
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Convenient waterproof design
  • Free app download (iOS only; Android coming soon)
  • Easy to use app can be used with multiple B-Link Bluetooth adapters
  • Stores model information and allows you to use one adapter on multiple models
  • Passcode protected to prevent unwanted tampering
  • Sync information between multiple devices by creating a free account (requires internet connection)

Input Voltage (Min-Max): 4.5V - 13V
Max Continuous Current: 10A
Maximum Burst Current: 20A
Dimensions (with wires): 7.25" x 0.81" x 0.27" (184.15mm x 20.55mm x 0.27"mm)
Dimensions (w/o wires): 1.20" x 0.81" x 0.27" (30.48mm x 20.55mm x 0.27"mm)
Weight: 6.62gm / 0.015lbs
Needed for Operation: Castle Link App found at Apple App Store and compatible ESC and/or Accessory