Arrma (AR721435) Button Head Screw 4x35mm (4) (ARAC9865)

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Product Compatibility:

  • Bigrock
  • Felony
  • Granite
  • Infraction
  • Kraton
  • Limitless
  • Mojave
  • Notorious
  • Outcast
  • Senton
  • Talion
  • Typhon

Spec: Mega 4x4, BLX, BLX 4x4, BLX 10YR, Roller, Roller 4X4

ARRMA Button Head Screw 4x35mm (4) ARAC9865 is compatible with: ARA102666, ARA102668, ARA102696, ARA102714IT1, ARA102714IT2, ARA102714T1, ARA102714T2, ARA102715T1, ARA102715T2, ARA102720T1, ARA102720T2, ARA102721T1, ARA102721T2, ARA102722, ARA106040T1, ARA106040T2, ARA106042T1, ARA106042T2, ARA106044T1, ARA106044T2, ARA106046, ARA106048, ARA106058T1, ARA106058T2, ARA109001, ARA109011, ARA960GL, ARA960RL, ARA961BL, ARA961RL, ARAD60GL, ARAD60RL, ARAD61BL, ARAD61RL, ARAD64NL, ARAD65GL, ARAD80BS, ARAD81LG, ARAD81LR, ARAD83LG, ARAD84NW, ARAD84SW, ARAD85RW, ARAD88RL, ARAD89BB, ARAD89LL

These high-quality Button Head Screws are the perfect items when servicing your ARRMA vehicle.   


Super-strong steel material for long-lasting durability and consistent fitting – Precision manufactured threads for fast and easy maintenance – Bagged in multiples so you always have spares


4 x Button Head Screws – M4x35mm - per pack