1:10 Beast ZTW SL 120A Combo

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ZTW 1:10 Beast SL 120A Combo
1:10 Beast SL 120A ESC +4P SL 3660B 3D 3500KV motor+ LED program card Motor color: black ZTW 1:10 Beast SL 120A Car Brushless ESC
Product Model Beast-ZTW SL 120A
Item Number 4112021
Brushed / Brushless Brushless
High Voltage / Normal Normal
Continuous Current 120A
Burst Current(10s) 760A
Battery Cell 6.0V/3A
BEC output 5-12NC/2-4Lipo
Width 38mm
Length 52mm
Hight 36mm
Weight 107g
Power Wires 12#AWG,160mm-Red/160mm-Black
Motor Wires 12#AWG,160mm-Black
Signal Wires (Black/Red/White)30C,300mm with Normal JR Male
Switch wire (Black/Red/White)30C,90mm
Power Plug(Yes/No) no
AIR Program Card  
LED Program Card yes
LCD Program Card yes
WiFi Module yes
USB interface  
Firmware Upgrade  
Cutt-off Voltage:3.0V/Cell
Running Model:Forward with pause then Reverse
Motor Timing:Normal
Initial Acceleration:High
Throttle Percent Reverse:60%
Throttle Limit:0%
Percentage Braking:50%
Percentage Drag Brake:0%
Motor Rotation:Normal
Neutral Range:4%
BEC Output:6.0V
This programming can be used to program all ZTW Mantis Series brushless ESCs quickly and easily except for the Mantis 6A ESC.
Note: ONLY compatible with ZTW Mantis-Series ESCs. Cannot be used to program ZTW Gecko Series or other ZTW ESCs.
Programmable Options:
Brake setting (off/soft/mid/hard -- default: off)
Battery type: (Ni-XX/LiPo/LiFe -- default: LiPo auto detect)
Low voltage cutoff setting (2.8V / 3.0V / 3.2V / None -- default: 3.0V)
Factory default setup reset Timing settings (auto / 2° / 5° / 8° /15° / 22° /30° -- default: auto)
SBEC output voltage (on 45A and larger models only) (5.0V / 5.5V / 6.0V -- default: 5.0V)
Governor mode (RPM off / 1st soft start / 2nd soft start / gov mod 1 / gov mod 2 -- default: RPM off)
Motor rotation (forward / reverse -- default: forward) vStart-up strength (10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% -- default: 30%)
Low voltage cutoff type: (reduce power / cut-off power -- default: reduce)
How to Use the LED Program Card:
1.ZTW Program card with LED display is easy to use and convenient to carry. All of the programmable functions are shown on the program card.
2.Turn on the ESC. Remove the signal wire and plug it into the top-socket on the program card wait for 2 seconds until the LED is on.
3.If ESC is not connected with the batteries the program card should be connected with other power supply the range of power supply is from 5.0V to 6.3V.
4.Press the button ”Menu” on the program card and circularly select each programmable function. At that time the number of programmable function will be displayed on the left of the LED the current value will be displayed on the right side. Then press the button “Value” to change the value and press the button “OK” to confirm. At the same time the Red indicating LEDs of both program card and the ESC will blink. Turn off the ESC the modified settings will be saved in the ESC`s memory.
5.Press the button “Reset” to restore the default settings.
Dimensions: 70x45x13mm(LxWxH)
Weight: 23g
ZTW-Mantis Series Air ESC programming card
Barcode #  
Continuous Current DC 5.0V~12.0V
Width 45mm
Length 70mm
Height 13mm
Weight 23g