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Electronic circuit design optimized to achieve flat and direct output characteristics
Energy loss affects motor performance degradation, not only E.S.C. As E.S.C. for RC, which is a very special high-load environment for electronic components, we thoroughly refined from element level to electronic circuit design to further optimize the balance between output and efficiency.
As well as strengthening the vibration resistance performance, further improvement of drive feeling and low heat generation of ESC and motor have been realized.
Flat, smooth, and direct output characteristics are easy to handle for advanced users as well as beginner users and demonstrate their potential in all categories.

● A stylish aluminum body based on a thoroughly calculated heat dissipation design.
We adopted an aluminum body and carefully designed the entire volume to quickly absorb the heat of the board and the surface area to quickly dissipate the heat.Shaping body that emits a unique luster is a stylish design that impresses its presence at a glance.

● 3D-Bridge structure that maximizes the effects of exclusive high-performance FAN (sold separately)
Place Radiate Design on the top of the case to guide the air flow to the four sides.
In addition, with respect to the hot gas that would otherwise be generated, we secured a flow path and built a 3D-Bridge structure that realized high heat release.
When dedicated fan (sold separately) is used, higher cooling performance is exhibited.

● It cope with communication with TAO II
Use of TAO II greatly expands setting menus and values.The drivability is dramatically improved.
Also, since communication with TAO II uses the LINK terminal mounted on the front of XARVIS, there is no need to replace the RX cable from the receiver as usual.
Furthermore, by connecting the LINK terminal and the brain unit (60431:TAOII all-in-one package accessory) using the air link adapter (60526), wireless two-way communication with TAO II is possible like AIRIA.

● It is possible to change setting data and telemetry communication by radio by corresponding transmitter of FUTABA.
If you use Futaba transmitter (※), change the setting data using the screen of the transmitter by connecting the optional S. BUS adapter (60527) (setting items and setting width are the same as TAOII Contents), motor rotation speed, ESC temperature, battery voltage, etc. can be displayed on the monitor in real time.
In addition, the update of XARVIS is necessary to perform wireless communication using a transmitter.
※ Since setting data can not be stored in the transmitter, please use TAOII for storing and managing setting data.

● Integrate the switch and set button into the body.
The wiring has been minimized, making it easy to mount on the chassis.

● We adopt black color for all cables.

● Non-boost / Non-turbo state can be viewed with LED.
The LED flashes when not using the boost turbo, and it also supports regulation that limits the use of these features.